Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast, Smodcast, Bahumbug! | Part 4 of 4: How do you create separate RSS feeds? | Viral Marketing HW | Purchase College

Part 4 of 4

My questions to you (or someone who can help) as it relates to RSS feeds and podcasts:

  1. How does one create separate RSS feeds for their blog posts, blog comments and podcasts?

  2. Is this possible in blogger?

  3. Does WordPress allow separate feeds for each of the elements mentioned?

FeedBurner has achieved this on their blog site. Check it out by clicking their RSS links. They have separate RSS feeds for their posts, podcasts and comments.

Blogger permits separate post and comment feeds by way of their default "widget" option but its hard to generate a feed url for podcasts.

I'm open to your help!


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