Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast, Smodcast, Bahumbug! PART 3 of 4: My Podcast Set-Up | Viral Marketing HW | Purchase College SUNY

Part 3 of 4:


1. SOFTWARE: Adobe SoundBooth (allows multitrack layering & editing, doesn't accept midi files)

2. HARDWARE: PC Computer (but MAC is the best!) & Digital Microphone (Stereo Condenser MIC) ......

3. WEB HOST: For now its YAHOO (not Free) MEDIAFIRE is free and FTP not needed.

4. FTP (File Transfer Protocol/ A way to upload your mp3 file to a web host): I didn't need it for YAHOO or MEDIAFIRE but I recommend FileZilla if you're using a web host that requires FTP.

5. PUBLISHER: Select the 'enclose' a link in a new blog post. (Blogger has this option, I assume other blog providers have a way to 'enclose' links as well.) Once the link is enclosed, web based applications such as FeedBurner will publish and or recognize your enclosures (after registering your podcast with them) by showing a 'play' button when you click the RSS link that you've placed on your blog.

6. ENVIRONMENT: A 'comfy' couch, patience and a quiet space wouldn't hurt. (My computer's fan was really loud during the making of my podcast, but the mic didn't pick it up.)

7. RSS (Really Simple Syndication): (a way for folks to subscribe or receive your podcasts) I used FeedBurner.

What's your podcast setup?
What software do you use?
Should I post a photo of my set up?


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