Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast, Smodcast, Bahumbug! Part 2 of 4: My Process | Viral Marketing HW | Purchase College SUNY

Part 2 of 4
I never really knew what a podcast was or how to define it until recently (slapping myself for saying that aloud) To my understanding, a podcast is a web hosted, audio file (mp3) with various functionalities. Below is my podcasting experience; the process of a first-timer.

Learning how to use my audio software, Adobe Sound Booth, was my first step. Determining subject matter was my next step and imagining how the final podcast should sound followed; one wouldn't create a scripted film without a storyboard, right? Foreseeing the finished product gave me a sense of direction. I settled on making a 'pod-vite' or recorded invite for my upcoming show at the time. The plan was to use my voice and a song playing in the background that would fade in and out based on verbal cues.

I recorded myself an infinite number of times before surrendering to pen and paper. My typed up cue card saved me from the potential 'wee' morning hour grudge work. So, the final recording was almost done and my intercom buzzer scared the 'living daylights' out of me; frick'n delivery guy, rang the buzzer like the police was after him.

With a full belly and a much needed boost, my mp3 was finally recorded. I uploaded it to my web host (yahoo), 'enclosed' (or attached) the mp3 within my (Blogger) blog via 'new post' and finally published it with 'FeedBurner', which recognized my blog's enclosed mp3 link and rendered a handy-dandy 'play' button (when in RSS view).

FeedBurner also provided an RSS feed for both my blog and podcast. In Part 3 I list my podcast setup. Check it out if you're a podcast newbie (like me), feel free to share your first podcasting experience.


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