Saturday, February 26, 2011

NYFW 2011 Work For Lexington Style Magazine | Where Was Purchase SUNY's Fashion Line?

Most Purchase College SUNY students are fashion trendsetters, head-turners and innovators of style. Popular questions outside of academics, the arts and grub are, Where did you get that? Buy that? Or find that? Students will often tell you that they made whatever it is themselves, a friend made it, or that they got it from someplace that has an interesting story behind it.

On campus, individuality and creative freedom is expressed through attire, hair, art and whatever else is capable of making a statement, be it quiet or out-loud. Dropping the jaws of folks who can't believe their eyes nor the garb is something that many Purchase kids do effortlessly, not necessarily on purpose. Their style isn't usually dictated by season or fashion trends, it tends to be organically driven and constructed from inner stuff such as personality and affinity; a unique fabric indeed.

While photographing the Fall/Winter 2011 fashion lines of  popular and upcoming designers including Project Runway's Winner, Leanne Marshall, I imagined Purchase's fashion line gracing Gregory Moore's New York Fashion Week runway event held at the Helen Mills Event Space & Theater.  Alex London's line stood out as a Purchase pick. It must of been the deer antlers on her models' backs, wired mouth pieces, muddy bare feet or "I dare you say something" hair!

Here's a few snap shots and layout work that I did for Lexington Style Magazine. Thus, my New York Fashion Week cherry has been popped!


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