Sunday, March 21, 2010

Purchase College's Michael Bastianelli Could Win $75,000 & Take Home $10,000 in MTV's "Redraw the Line Challenge"

Purchase College's Michael Bastianelli could win a $75,000 development budget for his "Taking Control of Digital Abuse Map" idea and take home $10,000 in MTV's "Redraw the Line Challenge".

Read his idea below, learn more about the challenge and vote here:

"A digital map of the United States that aggregates and displays examples of how young people are taking action to stop the spread of digital abuse. Actions that would be mapped include getting your school to adopt a digital dating abuse or cyber-bullying curriculum, pledging to "opt-out" of digital abuse, helping a friend, joining in the national conversation on digital ethics, deleting instead of forwarding an inappropriate message and more. Actions taken can be submitted online or via mobile devces, and as actions accumulate, the map will pulse with color, showing the type and volume of actions playing out by region. The map will make it easy for users to learn more about the actions their peers are taking around the country, helping to spread good ideas and inspire more young people to join in and stop the spread of digital abuse."

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