Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rob Fuerer: An Upcoming Interview & Best of Show Honors in SUNY Exhibition | Purchase College

Rob Fuerer, Painting & Drawing Senior at the School of Art+Design at Purchase College SUNY opened his campus studio to Picture Purchase for a live interview that will be posted in the upcoming month.

Check out some of his work here in the meanwhile. His painting, "Subway" was published in the January 2009 issue of "Education Outlook: Trends in Higher Education" a Journal News publication (the local newspaper of Westchester County). The photo essay featured his artwork along with the work of two recent School of Art+Design BFA alumni, Yekaterina Voevodkin, Graphic Design and Marshall Sheuttle, Photography, BFA.

Both Rob Fuerer and Marshall Sheuttle's work received best of show honors in the Fall 2008 SUNY Student Art Exhibition and was invited to exhibit their work in SUNY's Best of Show Student Art Exhibition this summer. Consuelo DaSilva, Painting & Drawing BFA'09 Alumna, who participated in the Spring 2009 SUNY Student Art Exhibition also received best of show honors and joined Rob and Marshall in exhibiting work in SUNY's Best of Show Student Art Exhibition held at the State University of New York Plaza in Albany, New York this summer.

Modest and determined, Rob speaks of his experience as a growing artist, a Purchase College student and a human being to which adverse emotion has acquainted itself, though uninvited. He mentioned some experiences off the record to which I'm not allowed to indulge you but you'll be exposed to that which is positive, productive and flourishing in the life of this undergraduate, student artist.

In his own words, "Although I am an American, I was born in Switzerland, and lived for some time in Taiwan, where I learned to speak fluent Mandarin. I then began to teach myself to paint, and using my Chinese language skills was able to successfully open a school for children where I taught crafts. I am particularly taken with the works of David Kapp, Yvonne Jacquette, and Eric Fischl. I am struck by the rhythms and patterns in the life of their canvases. And, I feel that this has opened me to the more metaphorical rhythms of the city and its people. These are played out for me in the vibrating bright lights and obscured shadows of the city, and in the vibrancy of life and darker underbelly of the urban narratives."

Be sure to check out Robert Fuerer's interview with Picture Purchase to be posted in the upcoming month. Share your thoughts about his work, post your own questions and perhaps they will be answered in a follow-up interview.
Rob's Painting titles in order of appearance, from top to bottom: "Traffic", "Subway", "George", "Untitled", "Untitled".

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