Monday, August 31, 2009

Michael Jackson - Spike Lee's MJ Tribute/B-Day Bash in Prospect Park

Picture Purchase takes a moment of silence to remember Michael Jackson. Below are some photos that I shot at Spike Lee's MJ Tribute/Birthday Bash held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.

Though MJ isn't an Alumnus of Purchase College, nor does he have a direct connection to the university to which I'm aware, students carry his passion, proliferation and genius in their hearts, minds and creative endeavors as they take center stage in the classroom towards their own personal greatness. Moses Harper is a living testament of MJ's influence and reach. She graduated from the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College and dances like the blood of MJ runs through her veins. (check her out in a previous post)

A legendary musician, innovative performing artist and the entertainment industry's pioneer philanthropist; Michael Jackson was only one man but he managed to influence the lives of millions world-wide. His music and humanitarianism will always be remembered. Can you imagine if MJ would have doubted himself? This would of been a loss greater than his death as we would have never been able to experience music as we know it today.

(R.I.P. Michael Jackson August 1958- June 2009)


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