Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strip Tease, Zombie Prom, Culture Shock, Fall Ball; The Orientation Raunch Begins! | Purchase College SUNY

[Photo by Sam Branman, Photography BFA Alumnus '09]

An earful of 'orientation talk' broke my concentration while photographing cob webs that formed on one of the outdoor sculptures of the Neuberger Museum. I heard terms like "Fall Ball", "Zombie Prom" and "Strip Tease", there was even a mild debate between orientation leaders regarding whether or not "Zombie Prom" had now become more popular than "Fall Ball". I felt inclined to add "Culture Shock" and "Pancake Madness" as popular Purchase events but my 'two cents' went unsolicited.

Whatever the case, only at Purchase College could you encounter celebrities with hit songs, drag-queen shows, dead people parties and faculty/staff serving pancakes to students at ten o'clock at night with a live DJ cranking music as if they were in a popular night club.

This past year, Drake (from Degrassi, lil Weezy's protege) and other popular music acts performed at Culture Shock for two evenings straight. Even Destiny's Child (the original group) performed at Culture Shock back in the days before Beyonce or should I say 'Mrs. Sasha Fierce' took the world by storm.

If there was a concert to be held in your hometown, a nearby college or at Purchase College and you had a say in the top three artists or bands that could perform, what top three artists or bands would you chose and what favorite song would they absolutely have to perform?

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Zombie Prom:

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(Kanye West's Video Superimposed over real
footage of Purchase College Campus)


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