Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pancake Madness Photos Spring 2009 (May 5, 2009 10PM-12AM) | Purchase College SUNY

Pancake Madness Spring'09 promises to deliver nothing short of fun this Cinco de Mayo! Only at Purchase College will you find a jammed-packed dining facility at 10 O'clock at night filled with faculty and staff volunteers serving obscene amounts of breakfast foods to half wake or utterly 'caffeinated' students seeking relief from their intense, final studies for the semester.

Pancakes, waffles, eggs, veggie bacon, sausages, freshly-made omlets, potatoes with onions and peppers, pomegranates, sweet mellons, muffins, cookies, strawberries, salad & fruit bars, juice boxes (the throw-back), ice-cream, coffee and more will fuel these young scholars and artists for the live DJ dance party that follows. All this on a Tuesday evening?!

Check out last semester's Pancake Madness (Fall 2008)

Pancake Madness Spring '09 Photos:
Pancake Madness Album 1 of 2
Pancake Madness Album 2 of 2

Purchase College Alumni miss Pancake Madness too! Here's what two of them shared on facebook:

"I could really use a Pancake Madness right about now. I guess plain madness will have to suffice."

"Man Baruch would be almost okay if they had a pancake madness..... I think that's the one thing about Purchase I really miss."

[Photos by Ebony Brown (fotojunki)]


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