Friday, February 27, 2009

Tulips for My Twitter bud; Tweeting & Blogging is Homework for one Purchase College course. | by Ebony Brown

My Twitter bud, "THreedmb" said she loved tulips in response to my "tweet" yesterday. I have pretty pink ones on my desk that were passed on to me because they were too prissy for flight; they complained about their petals potentially breaking, their stems drying and their color fading, I mean who wants to sit next to bunch of nagging tulips on a flight to Canada?

As soon as they were put back into their vase, I could almost hear Julie Andrews singing "The Hills are Alive with the sound of music..." They began to lift their heads one by one with poise and pride, like ballerinas. I couldn't help but to smile.
Considering the coming of the weekend, I intended to bring them to my Viral Marketing course as tweeted prior to class, but a last minute incoming call at work totally wiped the thought from my mind. Are people testing me when they call at five 'O three (PM) with an issue thicker than the Bible? Is it just me? Just kidding, actually, the call came much later and closer to a couple of minutes before class.

I had forgotten the flowers. Where would I have put them anyway? It seemed wrong to have them suffer through class without a water break. Their vase, destined to be shattered, my mind couldn't stop conjuring different 'Final Destination' (falling)scenarios. Now its Friday, I don't want the tulips to grow limp alone; their slender, green backs will inevitably hunch but at least they'll be in the good company of my house plants. I'll be out celebrating my NON-birthday (February 29th) hoping that the tulips are still happy to see me when I return home.

(Tulip Photos: ©Ebony Brown)


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