Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art at the Edge of Campus Part II (Purchase College, SUNY) | By Ebony Brown

(Poster Design by Rachel Fuller, Art+Design BFA)

Guess who walked into my office today? The emerging young printmaker whose work I've given two thumbs up in the previous "Art at the Edge of Campus" blog (as if I'm Siskel or Ebert). If you haven't read it already, don't hesitate to do so. No. Wait. Actually, nevermind, refrain from reading it, don't read it!

Might reading it, prior to seeing it, take away take away the poignancy of the piece? Would it be better to allow your mind to be free of commentary and my written visual hoopla? John Berger author of "Ways of Seeing" would probably agree that having read my response to the piece would in some way impact your experience and even take away from it, but the decision is yours.

If you read it already, not to worry, at least you had a peek into the mildly demented, but wondrously creative work of a Purchase College artist, who in fact has a name. I shall introduce her in an upcoming interview to be posted here soon!

In the meanwhile, her piece will be up for auction on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 and therefore on view during the Auction's preview 12-4PM and during the Auction 4-7PM.

Hope to see you at the Silent Auction on March 4th!


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