Friday, May 16, 2014

My Purchase College Experience | Throwback Thursday Photographs Coming Soon!

Back from hiatus, a very long one, I've decided that although my Purchase College years are long gone,  the memories and photos still remain, dust included. I feel excited and compelled to revisit, release and share my photos here, on a weekly basis, as an ode the Purchase College experience. Throwback Thursday in full effect, Sounds good?  Let's not forget about Purchase Alumni, who are doing some amazing and important work in which I'm still connected, along with other Purchase people who I randomly run into literally everywhere. Sharing their projects and awesomeness here would simply allow me to do what I do, which is write, connect, contribute and support those who inspire growth and the best in us.  Stay close! 

Ebony Brown
Picture Purchase Founder, Blogger
Purchase College Alumna



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