Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Broke Wide Open 500 Names Campaign - Be A Part Of The List & Support

500 Names, Yes, FIVE. HUNDRED. NAMES. YOUR NAME is needed on the 500 Names campaign list ASAP! Playwright, Performer, Composer and Poet Rock WILK, is raising funds to support a commercial run, a full production of a show that is an absolute MUST SEE; a play that is a culmination of 5 years of his unrelenting spirit and hard work. His incredible, life changing, dream awakening, soul penetrating New York City, true life musical, BROKE WIDE OPEN is the story of his Adoption and search for identity and home. Join me in supporting him by getting your name on his 500 NAMES list here.

 A theatrical phenomenon, BROKE WIDE OPEN is one of the best gifts of story that I've encountered LIVE on stage, one that is ready and worthy of a Broadway run, a show that has won the hearts of audiences and supporters who continue to purchase ticket after ticket and attend show after show, and write about it all over his Facebook wall and website. I could sit here and type a mountain of praise, but you deserve to have your own unique experience, free of the full extent of my hype and regard but if you really want to know exactly what was on my mind after I saw BROKE WIDE OPEN for the first time, its available here. All of the information that you could possibly want to know about BROKE WIDE OPEN and the 500 NAMES campaign is on Rock's website here.

Consider supporting an artist who continues to give back and support the people, and who LIVES the change that he wants to see in the world everyday; something that many folks have only dreamed and aspired to do. Rock WILK is not only a committed artist, he is a leader, a brilliant mind, a human from humble beginnings changing lives one show at a time. He is dedication walking and like no other person that I've ever met. I'm not quite sure how I managed to donate to this fundraiser, while knee deep in college debt and other unmentionable financial craziness, let's just say there was a will, and so I found a way - I had to. If you are still reading, thank you for attention and know that your next step is only a link away. Help me, help Rock raise funds and gather the resources needed to mount a full, multimedia musical production of his life story, his musical BROKE WIDE OPEN. Add your name to the 500NAMES list here.

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-Ebony Brown

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