Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gamers!!! "I Got Next" Movie Trailer produced by Ian Cofino, Purchase College SUNY, Art+Design Graduating Senior

Purchase College SUNY, School of Art+Design graduating senior, Ian Cofino, has produced a motion graphic movie trailer for a feature-length movie currently in the works.

The arcade and gaming world are major contributers to his 7,500+ hits on “You Tube” , only after a few days of posting.

"Four11: Who or what has really been your biggest drive in seeing the completion of this piece? I know it must take a lot of work, so there must be some support group.

IC: There have been so many people who have supported me so far, I can’t name one person or group of people as my primary support group, but my parents have certainly been a huge help as well as my project advisor, Robin Lynch. My friends at Purchase and in the fighting game community have always been there whenever I need help or had problems. So everyone has really been incredibly supportive of the project right from the get go. (Interview excerpt from"

A California gallery will be showing a refined and longer version of this piece in a few weeks. He has been asked to be a panelist in an upcoming gaming convention. He has been invited to film at various international gaming conventions.

Check out Reviews of Ian’s work in the press (and wide mention of Purchase College) in addition to a radio interview: Podcast - April 7, 2009 “An Interview With The Creator of I Got Next”

Congratulations Ian and many thanks to the faculty at Purchase for their help especially Ms. Robin Lynch, Ian’s mentor and academic advisor.

[Information courtesy Ms. Carolyn Forbes. Logo (image) courtesy]


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