Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pete, Purchase & Brooklyn 'Raised the Roof' at Carnegie Hall! (Purchase College, SUNY)

(Caliaf St. Aubyn, a face you'll come to know, is one of the few Soloists who helped bring the audience to their feet! Tap-dancing also amongst his talents. | Photo: ©Ebony Brown)

Sold out seats, a standing ovation and an audience whose support kept Pete Malinverni, The Devoe Street Baptist Choir and Purchase Soul Voices lively and full of song. It was monumental, expecially for folks like me who never 'sang' on stage at Carnegie Hall until now.

Thomas Schwarz, Purchase College President, Bob Thompson, Dean of the conservatory of Music, Geraldine Sanderson, Publicity/External Affairs Guru along with other Purchase College Staff and students or music lovers at best seemed to enjoy the show. Some danced in their seats while others stood and clapped along. Music selections encluded piano numbers from Pete Malinverni's latest CD, "Joyful" as well as Gospel songs with a funky, jazz bent daring you to sit still.

The Purchase College Soul Voices Ensemble to which I lend my alto voice will perform again on April 9th (on campus) and April 30th (in NYC). If you missed last night's performance in NYC and want to know what all the buzz is about, save the dates noted above! Show times and information will be posted soon. In effort to honor Carnegie Hall's strict rules regarding photographs, photos shot on stage or during the show cannot be posted online; I'm hoping that backstage photos will be an exception. I shall keep you posted!

April 9th
April 30th


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